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“To have impact, you must find what you do best and then do it continuously.”

Over a 26 year radio career, I have found that to be one of the few truisms in the broadcasting business. It is with that in mind we have put the Afternoon Constitutional on ‘hiatus’.


Wait… didn’t you say....

Yes, but I wasn’t talking specifically about the Constitutional. You see, the reason we started the Constitutional was to reach more people with our message and help radio stations focus their resources on other departments while we provided regionally localized news and analysis.


So, while we were gifted to meet more people in the Richmond market, we were confronted with a growing trend in the radio business where the time to share that message was added to the production costs of the program.


So back to the quote I started with, what I am best at is Central Virginia news and analysis and without the Richmond affiliate, we took the opportunity to look at other ways to reach more people right here where we are the best already. We are working on two or three reincarnations of the show that will achieve those goals and put our sponsors (who have stayed with us, thankfully) in front of as many potential customers as we can.


I deeply appreciate the passion you have for the show and hope that it will still be there for the exciting rebirth of the show!


Until then,

So Long, and thanks for all the Fish.

It's how Joe gets so much done!

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Robert Tracinski